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1) Subject Matter Experts (SME)-Test Evaluator

2) Health Panel Specialists (HPS)

3) Affiliate Account Manager (AAM)  

​2019- April thru December
(Open to NHE employees/Independent Contractors only)

Closed - ECI - Exercise Course Instructor

Open PFMS - Personal Fitness Management Specialist

Open - PWC - Physical Wellness Consultant

Open - EP - Exercise Physiologist (PhD required)


Closed - Social Media Department (Facebook)

Closed - Practical Exam Instructors- FCA-WCA

Closed - Curriculum Development Manager

Closed - District Affiliate Program Manager

Closed - Mentor

Closed - Regional Manager
Job Type

1) Employee (5 - 40 hrs/wk)

2) Employee (5 - 40 hrs/wk)

3) Independent Contractor 
Sales Req.

1) No

2) No

3) Yes
HR Message to all NHE Job Candidates- Managing Expectations

All NHE employees and Independent Contractors must achieve a minimum score requirement on an expertise evaluation exam, known as the NHE MTC exam. The exam is administered once, online at no cost. The minimum score requirement threshold is not likely obtainable to those not possessing 5 years professional personal trainer expertise, or a college/university related degree, or a professional/collegiate athletic career. Exam guides are available to those who prefer. Exam guides are not a recruitment requirement. Furthermore, all job candidates must provide satisfactory responses to HR questions relating to professional background, job viability and education prior to being authorized to sit for the MTC exam. View entire recruitment process here.

Roughly half of all failed MTC exam scores are due to a breach in administration protocol, not incorrect exam responses.

Submitting an online Employment Consideration Request (ECR)

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Have a question? Contact HR via email

1) Fitness Professional

​2) Wellness, Fitness

3) Outside/Phone Sales
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Per the NHE Company Consent Policy: NHE employees and independent contractors are strictly prohibited from associating his/her name and/or business with the NHE initialism or National Health Educators brand name in any way without prior express written consent of the National Certifications Global Investment Group (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Webpage). If you are an active NHE Independent Contractor or NHE Employee who maintains a professional profile page, we ask that you remove any NHE branding from your profile page. As independent contracts expire, and/or short-term employees exit the company, many profile pages do not reflect this change. NHE branding is seldom removed from the associated profile page. NHE monitors all ex-affiliations to ensure there are no company misrepresentations in relation to who currently represents NHE. Those in violation of this policy will receive a cease and desist notification.