Posted: July 2014

As a result of the BBB's pay-to-play attorney general investigation, and the consequential closing of the BBB Los Angeles branch, NHE has decided to withdraw from our BBB accreditation membership indefinitely. During this time, there will be a dissociation between NHE and any/all BBB local services (LABBB originally managed OC and Riverside County. SD has now assumed responsibility. However, SD is eighty miles south of OC which is too far to offer local services to businesses located in OC.) In the event a new Los Angeles BBB or dedicated OC BBB office opens, we will reconsider a possible BBB accreditation at that time. In an effort to further distance ourselves from this scandal, and until such a time when a re-consideration of BBB services is warranted, all BBB inquires will be addressed on the NHE site.

For additional information regarding the Los Angeles/Orange County BBB closing, view links below.

Los Angeles Times

ABC News


As a paid BBB accreditation member, NHE sought and received local counsel on various business practices and accreditation membership usage. As a regional member, a profile page screenshot was provided to NHE as part of an overall complaint analysis strategy. As part of that strategy, profile page screenshots were a regular occurrence.

Below, are two profile page screenshots which help illustrate the BBB’s grading system. A system many Los Angeles businesses fondly refer to as the: Pay to have your (‘F’ ree) turn to an (‘A’ ccredited) BBB program.

BBB site from 2009-2012: 2012 NHE BBB profile page screenshot: View here   

BBB website went dark in 2013 due to attorney general investigation. 

BBB site from 2014-2018: 2018 NHE BBB profile page screenshot after NHE withdrawal from accreditation program: View here

As of 2018, the BBB pay-to-play remains its core business model. LA, OC and Riverside County local services remain vacated.

To view official NHE response to BBB complaints, go here.
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